Thanks to the wide range of expertise of its partners, the Nemesis Group is able to offer a wide range of Family Office and Wealth Management services.

Portfolio Structure and Optimization

At Nemesis Group we cover all aspects related to wealth – from wealth and estate planning or family governance, offering independent advisory, asset and wealth management services for individuals, families, corporations, endowments, foundations and trusts. Located in Central Europe, its experienced team pursues a holistic approach for wealth management – a one stop shop that covers the most ample needs.

Risk Management

Risk goes hand in hand with investing. Therefore, it is crucial to identify, steer and monitor them so that they can be understood and accepted if they are associated with a satisfying expected payoff. Detecting and avoiding any unwanted additional risk is one of the reasons we are hired.  At Nemesis Group, we monitor our customer’s portfolios closely to ensure they are aligned with the expectations formulated by our customers in their risk profiles. Avoiding permanent capital impairment for its clients is the first priority for Nemesis.

Tax Efficiency

Investments in different asset classes and jurisdictions requires a deep understanding of existing laws and regulations, including the main characteristics and rules of the customers’ country’s tax authorities. Mistakes can easily lead to losses or a lower after-tax performance. The Nemesis Group possesses the expertise and connections to ensure that investment returns are kept tax efficient while being consistent with the customer’s investment objectives and risk profile.

Family Governance

A common and shared vision for the future are the premises for a sustained growth of family  wealth over the years. At Nemesis we help to shape such a vision and foster common goals to ensure the success for upcoming generations. A careful and rigorously well-conceived wealth planning and spending management supports our customers in the achievement of their present and future goals.

Foundations, Trusts and Endowment Services

The prudent management of wealth is a particularly sensitive need for non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Thanks to its expertise, Nemesis, through its advisory services, is the most adequate partner for streamlining operations and investments towards the achievement of the goals and mission or our customer’s structure. Foundations, endowments and trusts often possess a status that is associated with tax benefits or tax exemptions. The Nemesis group places an emphasis on the retention of a client’s status. Knowing and avoiding activities, transactions and investments that violate the laws in the respective jurisdiction is a cornerstone to achieving this objective. 

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